Questions About International Cannabis / Paraphernalia Trade?

Confidential Consult

The type of Confidential Consult provided depends upon the complexity of the questions asked by the client. A team of experts able to answer the specific questions posed will be assembled.

For example, assume a company in country A manufactures cannabis smoking or packaging products. It wants to know how to: 1) import from country B the components needed to produce the company’s finished product, and then 2) export for wholesale or retail sale the finished products to cannabis businesses in countries C and D. Among the team members assembled to answer these questions will be an attorney familiar with import/export laws.

Assume an investor wants to know whether to invest in a company producing pesticide-free CBD products in country A for export to countries B and C. Among the team members assembled to answer this question will be an experienced grower/processor of pesticide-free cannabis products and an attorney familiar with import/export laws and the shifting cannabis legal landscapes and regulatory frameworks.

As a company positions itself for participation in the global cannabis marketplace, a broad range of public relations components also should be carefully considered, including but not limited to:
  • branding
  • distribution networks and supply chains
  • safe product transport and on-time delivery
  • methods and currency used for international payments.
Marijuana Consultants International can help your company identify issues of crucial importance to global trade of your company’s specific product line, and develop cost-effective strategies to efficiently manage identified challenges.

To inquire about this service and cost, please contact us with your questions.

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